30+ Hilariously Unnecessary Censored Photos


we’re all adults here, so we shouldn’t really be told what we can or cannot see. Censoring photos only makes our imagination run wild with all kinds of possibilities that are much worse than anything that may actually be happening in a photo. Hilarious as it sounds, you know it is true!

When you censor a photo, you automatically imply that there’s some funny business going on. Just look at the unnecessary censored photos listed in this post, you’ll see what we’re talking about peeps.


Scroll on and enjoy.


  1. 1 The Hilary and Obama meet up

  2. 2 Weird motivation from the coach

  3. 3 One for the Ronaldo fans

  4. 4 "The perks of being a wall flower"

  5. 5 Childhood memories destroyed


  6. 6 Censorship giving a whole new perception to beach volley ball

  7. 7 On this episode of myth busters....

  8. 8 Just a click from a women beach volley ball match

  9. 9 The Cameraman's expression tells everything

  10. 10 How overly excited celebration ends up

  11. 11 Scenes from a local Basket ball game

  12. 12 Merry Christmas

  13. 13 She is just rubbing the belly

  14. 14 Spanish league in old days

  15. 15 Opening a Champagne for a Champion

  16. 16 What are they cooking in this Hell's Kitchen episode

  17. 17 How black boys party

  18. 18 These boys are really at work

  19. 19 How Chinese coaches helps you stretch

  20. 20 Well his Manager is impressed from his winning performance

  21. 21 Thats how your friend looks at you when you drink way too much

  22. 22 When you hit the wrong balls

  23. 23 This doggo is lick a pussy cat

  24. 24 Scary trouser

  25. 25 Well you can't see him so....

  26. 26 They got a new puppy

  27. 27 Hoping they are not looking at what they shouldn't be looking at

  28. 28 Even his team is impressed

  29. 29 Just warming up for the next set

  30. 30 What type of wrestling is this?

  31. 31 This weird hug

  32. 32 Obama would not like to see this


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