30+ Most Amusing Unexpected Events Captured on Camera


Thanks to photography, we can now freeze moments in time and go back to them at a later time; its beautiful to think that in a way we can go back in time. Some pictures are more vivid than others, and they help us relive the frozen reality more beautifully. There are other pictures that create illusions which never existed either due to the angle of the camera or due to pure coincidence.


In this post we have listed down amusing photos belonging to the second category: the illusions and unexpected events. You’ll be amazed at the wonderful pictures in this list. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Sudden Doom

  2. 2 It does not make sense but "Freeze"

  3. 3 Face my wrath dumb little human

  4. 4 The Grasp of death


  5. 5 Beware of the Crocs

  6. 6 What? Am I not more than 13 cm?

  7. 7 When you're so photogenic even water doesn't interrupt your photos

  8. 8 Lord save those teeth

  9. 9 This bird, who doesn't feel like sharing.

  10. 10 Walking on fine lines

  11. 11 Feeling meaty today

  12. 12 I'm sure Nemo wouldn't forget that

  13. 13 He is just interested in all the shiny laces and colourful dress!

  14. 14 Relocating in progress

  15. 15 All hail Columbus

  16. 16 It was at this moment, Nathan knew, he f**ked up!

  17. 17 It's the woman from the book!!

  18. 18 Celebrate responsibly

  19. 19 You're not going anywhere now

  20. 20 My mom went to a rodeo. I begged her to send me this picture.

  21. 21 Split seconds away from disaster

  22. 22 Well this doesn't look right!

  23. 23 It's a dusty affair

  24. 24 Godzilla is that you

  25. 25 The beauty of nature.

  26. 26 into a number 0

  27. 27 Faster than light

  28. 28 Mission Impossible (Pet Edition)

  29. 29 What's better than an unexpected dog attack

  30. 30 Ok my day is not that bad 🙂

  31. 31 When stacking is life

  32. 32 Man's best friend


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