30 People Who Have No Idea What Their Shirts Says


The western world inspires many people; and since most people can’t afford to travel abroad, many people satiate their desire to be more like the west by wearing imported western attire. Unfortunately not everyone who wears western clothes understands English, and so sometimes people end up wearing inappropriate and hilarious shirts.

Listed up in this post are hilarious photos of people who have no idea what the text on their shirts mean. They’re roaming around happily in utterly absurd and inappropriate shirts.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 She doesn't look like one for sure!

  2. 2 Mama must be so proud of him!

  3. 3 Yes, I am done with life...

  4. 4 Wait, what?


  5. 5 He seems to be happy about it...

  6. 6 This kid is going to throw away this shirt very soon!

  7. 7 Her expressions are saying the same..

  8. 8 Who designed this shirt? and why?

  9. 9 Well, he might be!

  10. 10 That's probably not his shirt..

  11. 11 She thought it was cook ...

  12. 12 Give this dress to me please!

  13. 13 I am having a really hard time understanding this..

  14. 14 This sounds legit..

  15. 15 Forget the t shirt the real photo subject is that nosepick

  16. 16 When you are a backbencher in college!

  17. 17 When people ask me the reasons of my weight gain...

  18. 18 This shirt don't suit on him at all..

  19. 19 When you design a shirt after a lot of drinks...

  20. 20 Now that's swag!!

  21. 21 That's disgusting..

  22. 22 I wish the baby can't read this...

  23. 23 No you don't with that innocent face!

  24. 24 What?

  25. 25 I wish i could wear this to all the parties I attend..

  26. 26 We are sorry, mickey mouse...

  27. 27 Questions in exam papers be like...

  28. 28 He just read his T-shirt and the expression says it all..

  29. 29 The kind of shirt you want to wear after a breakup..

  30. 30 That's extremely messed up...

  31. 31 She has no idea what she can get herself into ....

  32. 32 Another reason to love sunny days!

  33. 33 Yes, they must!!


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