30 Funny Photos Proving Being a Third Wheel is Not Fun At All


Falling in love is one of the most exciting things in life and who doesn’t want it. However not everybody is quite lucky and sometimes you have to settle with being a third wheel when your friends are having a date. That can obviously be quite an awful experience.


Listed below are 30 of the most hilarious pictures ever where the 3rd wheel is posing along with the couples. The expression on the faces of these 3rd wheels says it all. Scroll down peeps and enjoy. Some of these pictures are way too funny and will make you laugh out loud.

  1. 1 Come with us and you'll have fun, they said!

  2. 2 One cup and one third wheel!

  3. 3 His expression says it all!

  4. 4 Is there anything else you guys need?


  5. 5 Who doesn't like being around hot couples?

  6. 6 The tree must have tasted better!

  7. 7 At least she gets to eat the whole ice cream!

  8. 8 Just to make it clear which one is the third wheel!

  9. 9 At least he got free food!

  10. 10 No amount of magic can undo you being a third wheel!

  11. 11 I'll tell the master about you two!

  12. 12 Kill me!

  13. 13 When you love being a third wheel.. NOT!

  14. 14 One ring to burn them all!

  15. 15 If it wasn't clear enough, I'm the third wheel!

  16. 16 I feel more lonely with such people around me!

  17. 17 When you are tired of being a third wheel!


  18. 18 If jealousy had a face!

  19. 19 When there's no one, there's food!

  20. 20 One of my favorite scene from FRIENDS!

  21. 21 Just hanging around!

  22. 22 That's one hot third wheel!!

  23. 23 They said come with us and we'll play football!

  24. 24 Every time when I see a couple kissing!

  25. 25 Why does he gets all the kisses?

  26. 26 Snacks? Anyone?

  27. 27 Third Place!

  28. 28 He must be crying behind those glasses!

  29. 29 He was not even interested in kissing her!

  30. 30 Probably the most handsome third wheel of all time!


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