30 Funny Things That Can Happen Only In Asia


No matter where you go in the world, you’ll find a surprisingly large volume of weirdos, eccentric geniuses and downright dumb people. The world wouldn’t really be a fun place without them, would it?

Asia is no exception. In fact, it has its own brand of weirdos. The things that they do are not just hilariously stupid, they’re senseless and sometimes dangerous as well.


Listed in this post are 30 photos of the hilarious things that you will only see in Asia. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Try it.. It feels more comfortable this way!

  2. 2 I think I'm gonna get a new pair of Iphones

  3. 3 Contemplating, doing simple things.... ONLY in Asia!

  4. 4 Dinner? Anyone?


  5. 5 She must be very thirsty! Or dumb ...

  6. 6 Parenting...... Gold prize edition!

  7. 7 The polite thing to do in Asia is to completely ignore the strange person. Like they don’t exist. Unless they jump out at you. Then you run.

  8. 8 The Facekini for perfect beach day!

  9. 9 Morning S T R E C H on West Lake.

  10. 10 We walk tigers in Asia!

  11. 11 The selfie stick was very expensive so I improvised!

  12. 12 The wife is really rich. So... Whatever she says!

  13. 13 Have a seat and be comfy!

  14. 14 I hope this never comes into fashion!

  15. 15 Chinese Delicacies....

  16. 16 Asians never say No to anyone asking for a lift!

  17. 17 Chinese build this unbelievable 350ft waterfall on a Skyscraper

  18. 18 Just some best friends hanging around!

  19. 19 Oh wait.. I forgot the engine!

  20. 20 Making good use of your ''Assets"

  21. 21 You will not see this anywhere but in Asia!

  22. 22 Just drying my underwear..

  23. 23 Using them is more easier this way!!

  24. 24 Creativity level: Asian!

  25. 25 We will never understand those asians......!

  26. 26 He got some real privacy issues!

  27. 27 Yes, we Asians do that!

  28. 28 Traditional Japanese Toilet Slide

  29. 29 Car, in the shape of a cigarette!

  30. 30 Asians kids are cooler than other kids!


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