30 Most Amusing Texting Fails


Have you ever wished that you could somehow delete the texts that you’ve already sent from your phone? Don’t we all.  Texting is worse than talking, while talking you can’t take your words back but at least they’re not saved anywhere once they’re spoken. Not only can texts not be taken back once they’ve been sent, they’re saved too and they can be easily shared via screenshots.

It is a complete nightmare, and one that’s made worse by hilarious auto-correct mistakes.

Now I know you can delete texts on certain mobile apps but even those apps notify the receivers that a message has been deleted. It minimizes the damage to a certain degree, but it doesn’t eliminate the questions completely.  If you’re someone who messes up while texting a lot, perhaps move to a messaging mobile app so you can at least save face by deleting your texts.


For those who like to stick to good old fashion texting, here is a list of photos of hilarious texting fails to show you the kind of trouble you could potentially find yourself in.

Scroll on and enjoy folks.

  1. 1 The worst auto correct text.

  2. 2 That mistake will take it to a break up .

  3. 3 That guys is lonely AF.

  4. 4 HAHA Imaginary dentist to the rescue .


  5. 5 His MA wont let her do that.

  6. 6 Don't be a beach OK !

  7. 7 Mom played smart LOL ...

  8. 8 His priest has to send it to 10 nigga before cocktober comes .

  9. 9 Of corpse with a heavy heart .

  10. 10 well now everyone knows who has a sexy bum

  11. 11 Surprise not surprise...

  12. 12 Apply cold water to that burn.

  13. 13 When you are trying to be nice but end up with this .

  14. 14 May be want to try that for desert as well

  15. 15 How to give a mini heart attack to your dad

  16. 16 When your wife does not get offended

  17. 17 Lots of Love*

  18. 18 Cause the old one does not works any more

  19. 19 Some serious shit that is

  20. 20 When the cover up is not good enough

  21. 21 He meant Rock*

  22. 22 We got a smart ass over here

  23. 23 May be that was not a mistake 😉

  24. 24 One innocent dad...

  25. 25 Awkward convo with Mommy!

  26. 26 When mom tries new touch phone

  27. 27 Well, looks like he is not going on the second date

  28. 28 May be his dad is gay

  29. 29 Now I know what to send my friends next time

  30. 30 He taught his doggo how to text!

  31. 31 Who need pants with pockets when you have butthole

  32. 32 Mom doesn't know the difference between google and text editor

  33. 33 She really did meant carrot

  34. 34 How to freak out a girl

  35. 35 When your mom is more savage than you


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