20+ of the Most Funny Text Message Conversations


Smartphones have us hooked to texts. People literally spend hours texting their friends and crushes. Some of these text conversations are funnier than others and they’re screenshotted and posted up on social media to spark up even further conversation.

We’ve all seen text screenshots popping up on our timelines. Some of them can be super funny.


Listed up in this post are more than 10 hilarious screenshots of text messages. Don’t skip over the 8th photo, it is absolutely hilarious.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Cereal comes first

  2. 2 Mum has better humor than me

  3. 3 It's actually a 2 carrot ring

  4. 4 It would be ironic if all the toilets were painted Mystic Farts


  5. 5 No gifs no buts

  6. 6 Live in the moment

  7. 7 Is he in a relationship with Monica Geller?

  8. 8 I don't wanna find someone like you

  9. 9 She gave me the eyes

  10. 10 Mom's surely going places with her hashtag game

  11. 11 Well, That's Funny

  12. 12 Not fishy at all

  13. 13 My Mom is the cutest

  14. 14 He's coming to get us all

  15. 15 She never fails to amaze me

  16. 16 It could totally be a Disney movie

  17. 17 She did that just to mock me

  18. 18 When I become a dad

  19. 19 I'm the father or you're the father?

  20. 20 Any guesses what that means?

  21. 21 Right in the feels

  22. 22 My dad is clever

  23. 23 Roasting game too strong

  24. 24 Bladder control is important

  25. 25 Just listen and execute. Do not counter question me.


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