32 Students Who Deserve an A for Their Amazing Sense of Humour


Some people are naturally gifted with an amazing sense of humor. You can pick them out early even during their school and college years as they’ll often be found pranking their peers and teachers in one way or another.

In this post we have listed up photos of hilarious pranks by students gifted with a good sense of humor. You’ll definitely be laughing by the time you finish this list.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with the people who kept you laughing during your school and college years.

  1. 1 Just because you are getting older doesn't mean that you are growing up to be more mature.

  2. 2 Keeping the Calligraphy Alive

  3. 3 That's my Graduation Cap

  4. 4 My class fellows Pranked teacher and turned his chair into a fort


  5. 5 University of Oslo Told Me To Make My Thesis Title As convincing As Possible. So I Did

  6. 6 Somebody In My School Wore Chainmail For Their School Picture

  7. 7 There's a kid hiding behind my school's door

  8. 8 Student pranked the school faculty by planting a tree In The Middle Of The Baseball Field

  9. 9 I am Groot

  10. 10 My students Seem to Be Improving....

  11. 11 I asked my class to write a short story

  12. 12 This is Patrick i repeat

  13. 13 Looks like someone rearranged the books in my school Library

  14. 14 Someone pulled out a prank and crashed a car in my high school's wall and a teacher called police and when officer arrived he couldn't stop laughing

  15. 15 You're already late

  16. 16 My assignment was to write a poem of 16 lines ....

  17. 17 My friend made a snack pack for me to cheer me up for my exam

  18. 18 When class is going all boring start doodling

  19. 19 He is getting an A in calculus

  20. 20 When you want to sleep in class

  21. 21 I emailed my professor and meant to say " i am worried i don't understand some material on our next text " BUT I ACCIDENTALLY SENT THIS HELPME

  22. 22 My Students Really Know How To Make Me Laugh LOL

  23. 23 She slipped a huge nip flask into prom from just by using as a clutch

  24. 24

  25. 25 Saw This On The Board In Class Today

  26. 26

  27. 27 That's how we were welcomed by the seniors

  28. 28 Teacher gave us the permission to use 3D printer and that's what my friend and i Kim Jong The Hutt Ensues printed

  29. 29 wise words by a student

  30. 30 I changed my name and no one noticed

  31. 31 "Post No Bills" Saw This All Over My Campus

  32. 32 Today i was checking some tests and saw this on one of the answer sheet

  33. 33 I Thought We Were Supposed To Have Grown Up In University. I'm Glad We Haven't

  34. 34 A Girl In One Of My Classes Had This Pencil Case


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