Funny Solutions That are Actually Not Gonna Work


Sometimes people will come up with hilariously absurd solutions to their problems that are just destined to fail. For instance, imagine washing your computer’s motherboard with soap and water. Will it become clean? Sure! Will it ever work again? Not a chance. I actually learned that the hard way myself. Washed my CPU back when I was a kid. It never worked again. There are others who have crossed the same threshold of stupidity that I had crossed once. 


Listed In this post are failed solutions by idiots. They’re hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy:

  1. 1 Helping Hand

  2. 2 Using newspaper as a welding mask. Comics section: That's the most heat resistant!

  3. 3 If your headphones are tangled just spray them with some Johnson's no more tangles

  4. 4 Reuse old tires


  5. 5 Dusty motherboard? Don't waste money on a can of air, just wash it with your dishes!

  6. 6 This is how you can change your status using one marker.

  7. 7 Cutting Bagels in half may hurt you

  8. 8 Shopping cart + car = convenient storage bin??

  9. 9 No More Tears

  10. 10 When you don't have a lock you can wrap up your bike

  11. 11 Honestly gorilla tape may have done a better job

  12. 12 When your car AC broke!

  13. 13 Want a portable table? Use your toilet seat!

  14. 14 Magnify your phone screen under water

  15. 15 Use this vest protect your personal space on the subway

  16. 16

  17. 17 No need to spend money on socks for another 5 years.

  18. 18 Couldn't keep your left over cake moist? Here's the solution...

  19. 19 Protecting your toes at work on those super hot days.


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