30+ Most Funny Sarcastic Quotes of All Time


Life would be boring if there was not sarcasm in it.

Yelling at people is considered rude and abrasive. So what do you do when people pick on your nerves? You teach them a lesson with good old sarcasm. Of course there will always be people who don’t even understand sarcasm and passive aggressive notes. They’re beyond help, you just gotta ignore them.

For everyone else, sarcasm is the best weapon you got.


Listed in this post are photos of hilarious sarcastic notes left on various occasions.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 They're gonna lay eggs

  2. 2 It's about goats on a tree

  3. 3 We didn't!

  4. 4 Like we care?


  5. 5 That one friend who repeats everything

  6. 6 The caffeine rush is real

  7. 7 Job well done

  8. 8 How are you so sure?

  9. 9 That's when we grind

  10. 10 We don't hate you Roger

  11. 11 Just so that he doesn't fire me

  12. 12 Wanna feel the rush?

  13. 13 Stupid vs Sarcastic

  14. 14 Just wanted a sign

  15. 15 One voice against facism

  16. 16 It's not okay

  17. 17 Just do it

  18. 18 Not a famous guy. Not a famous burger

  19. 19 Are two people not enough to rank it?

  20. 20 Every time I read a funny post and comment LMAO

  21. 21 So please act as humans

  22. 22 Perfect definition

  23. 23 FInding Nemo quotes fit everywhere

  24. 24 The best policy

  25. 25 And then life will be better

  26. 26 Hipsters or Hamsters? Which side are you on?

  27. 27 We love Pie and Lattes not Pilates..

  28. 28 Get those calories in

  29. 29 Well hung and tasty to the bone

  30. 30 Alcohol's the only fix

  31. 31 Mmmmmm... Cat milk.

  32. 32 Just leave the bloke with us

  33. 33 A strong message indeed

  34. 34 You had the whole ground and you still missed?

  35. 35 Siri being literal

  36. 36 The ass parking spot

  37. 37 Wanna hear a bedtime story?


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