30 Most Sarcastic and Funniest Internet Comments


It’s difficult for our generation to get bored thanks to social media and internet. There is always something going on, and there is always something to talk about. If you can’t find anything better to do just start scrolling through your newsfeed on social media and you’ll find plenty of stuff to keep you busy. You’ll find lots of hilarious conversations that’ll hook you up to the screen reading up on the sarcastic and sassy remarks going to and fro between various people.


In this post we have collected photos of the best of sarcastic internet comments and listed them up. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 her shadow game is strong

  2. 2 Does she even know how men dress?

  3. 3 Looks like a soul is trapped in her knee

  4. 4 Savage Mom!


  5. 5 She need to know this

  6. 6 Women priorities

  7. 7 Or he is just trying to be a gentle man

  8. 8 No offense to Americans

  9. 9 He made the right decision

  10. 10 Or the one on the truck

  11. 11 I thought that love was blind

  12. 12 Dude gotta pay for the gas tho...

  13. 13 What a troll

  14. 14 Girls are not as smart as they think

  15. 15 And those are probably from ads

  16. 16

  17. 17 Using Facebook was the best choice

  18. 18 Mistakes were made just like that burn

  19. 19 Or this guy would become history

  20. 20 This guy is on

  21. 21 Women are also kind of robots

  22. 22 Weekend, its hard to get

  23. 23 I believe thats kind of impossible

  24. 24 A typical dad joke

  25. 25 This dog is definitely a demon

  26. 26 Women are never tired of dragging

  27. 27 yaouch!

  28. 28 Priorities....

  29. 29 Oh this is just beautiful

  30. 30 We got a genius one here


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