30 Hilariously Ridiculous Social Media Posts That Instantly Went Viral


Social media is a funny place. You get to see all kinds of stuff there.

Most of us spend a huge chunk of our day scrolling memes and funny photos on our new feeds. Occasionally we come across viral posts and photos that are actually quite witty and absolutely hilarious. This post is all about those photos.


Scroll down to see some of the most hilarious photos of social media posts that went viral. You have to admit that the 10th photo is absolutely awesome.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Prolly that's a holy branch of McDonald's

  2. 2 Self Explanatory

  3. 3 Now I need this so bad

  4. 4 That's Next Level ...... LOL


  5. 5 The resemblance is uncanny!!

  6. 6 Oops I Dropped him

  7. 7 When you're a bacon lover

  8. 8 Looks like she is a Latino

  9. 9 Maybe add another comma in there ....... cause this status is awkward AF....

  10. 10 Hang it up LOL

  11. 11 Kevin made a point there

  12. 12 True dat ....

  13. 13 Looks like nerd is going on a ride to score some bitches

  14. 14 This guy makes a lot of sense

  15. 15 "The Dead Pit"

  16. 16 It's a good way to advertise

  17. 17 Family portrait summed up

  18. 18 Who made that...... LOL

  19. 19 I have been thinking about you latte lately ......

  20. 20 Literally every official account on twitter

  21. 21 I love my grudges

  22. 22 A yet my day is complete after that much entertainment

  23. 23 Looks like a hot dog

  24. 24 LOL ...... we have a prankster in our house

  25. 25 That's a 100

  26. 26 That's me every damn time

  27. 27 That's a " CUTE" PIN

  28. 28 These are some strange bangs

  29. 29 Grandma got no chills

  30. 30 Relentless Ass

  31. 31 LoL ....... WHAT ?


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