28 Funniest Fails Every Girl Can Relate To


Women can be seriously crazy sometimes. When they put their mind into getting things done, they don’t always come up with the brightest plans. They often try to get things done quicker using shortcuts which almost never ends well.

This post is dedicated to all the crazy women who do absolutely stupid stuff.  In this post we have listed up photos of hilarious fails by crazy ladies.


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  1. 1 Make up tutorials by me

  2. 2 Hair extensions done right

  3. 3 Oops moment we've all been waiting for

  4. 4 Almost got it right


  5. 5 The world needs better cameras

  6. 6 Tip: Don't wear heels when you're going to the swamps

  7. 7 There's a big foot on the ramp

  8. 8 We've got a bad-ass Photoshop expert

  9. 9 The swamp queen

  10. 10 When you don't pay the dress designer

  11. 11 Someone brought memories from the toilet trip

  12. 12 Cat-woman can't be seen in public

  13. 13 we all know that one girl.... lol

  14. 14 Haven't seen one

  15. 15 Finding the perfect angle ain't no joke

  16. 16 So not all youtube tutorials really help

  17. 17 late for work

  18. 18 Late for the part. Really needed the quick fix.

  19. 19 Super Wedgie 2000

  20. 20 This kind of stuff always happens when you're late for work on a Monday morning

  21. 21 I'm a specialist at waterproofing now

  22. 22 A few inches do matter

  23. 23 Spot the witch

  24. 24 Cat woman 2.0

  25. 25 Talk about being manly

  26. 26 The walk of shame

  27. 27 Russian road trips be like

  28. 28 Unreal transformation


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