20+ Funny and Creative Pregnancy Announcements


Whether it’s planned or unexpected, pregnancy is a big deal for the couples who’re expecting. It is an incident that changes their life forever. Most people take this responsibility seriously as they begin the preparations for the changes that will come in their life along with their new family members. Others just go with the flow and let things sort themselves out. 

People even differ in how they announce the news. The sane ones do it properly by announcing it to their friends and family in a decent manner. The insane ones go overboard and post all kinds of stupid pictures on social media to announce their pregnancy. In this post we have collected photos of the latter group. 


Some of these photos are so funny, you’ll have a hard time controlling your laughter. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 The fault in our Saturday night hookups

  2. 2 Little Johnny loves it

  3. 3 Baby number 5!

  4. 4 The little little's on the wayy


  5. 5 A good use of tomato sauce

  6. 6 When dad is the one who is more excited!

  7. 7 Going through the drill again

  8. 8 How my friend and his wife announced they're having a baby

  9. 9 Not the Monday morning surprise you expected

  10. 10 Ice Ice Baby....

  11. 11 The real question is how can she put a horn and a crane in her tummy?

  12. 12 Someone does not looks happy

  13. 13 Work under progress

  14. 14 My daughter's the happiest about it

  15. 15 Awesome pregnancy announcement

  16. 16 2 is our favorite number

  17. 17 They can have a tag team match now

  18. 18 The dream team

  19. 19 He popped my pumpking

  20. 20 Congrats, but babies need way more wings than that.

  21. 21 Hi five!

  22. 22 Needed a one plus

  23. 23 Pregnancy reveal on Halloween!


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