33 People Who Live With Their Own Rules (New Photos)


Some people live their life in a conventional manner; they like to live within the defined bounds of society. Then there are others who like to live by their own rules. They do whatever makes them happy without worrying about what others will think about them.  The latter category usually comprises of the eccentric people who’re a little weird but quite happy.

Listed up in this post are over 33 photos of people who like to live life by their own rules.  Some of these photos are quite hilarious.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Deep Learning

  2. 2 There's no explanation to this

  3. 3 Rule 101 of wearing Flipflops

  4. 4 I guess he is the father of Barbie


  5. 5 There's only one way and this is how it is

  6. 6 if you cant change anything why don't you relax ...... ME :

  7. 7 There was a guy kayaking in my school's fountain today

  8. 8 When you really wanna go to fishing but there's no pond in your town

  9. 9 When you dress up well and mum asks you to take your ugly brother along

  10. 10 This must be a very interesting lecture

  11. 11 Breaking all the laws of elasticity

  12. 12 Russian concept of Sunday chillings

  13. 13 I guess his technical diploma is fake

  14. 14 How to ride a bike ft daddy

  15. 15 God forgot to pick graphics on this one

  16. 16 My life my rules!

  17. 17 This Aunt wants a pedicure in bus and she means it

  18. 18 Highlight of the day

  19. 19 Things you do for Snapchat

  20. 20 I do what I want.

  21. 21 Time to party kiddo

  22. 22 Login: admin Password: admin

  23. 23 The older generation don't want to keep up with modern technology.

  24. 24 Why flowers when there are sausages

  25. 25 When you don't listen to instruction properly

  26. 26 When the rain isn't stopping you have to be creative

  27. 27 Welcome to the world where superheros are homeless

  28. 28 We're having fish curry for dinner

  29. 29 Even Lonely men need a bit of comfort

  30. 30 Found a brand new way to get you snacks into a movie

  31. 31 So my uncle got a drone now he's scaring shit of people

  32. 32 When you'are Tired AF from world

  33. 33 This cat is the epitome of a rebel.


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