30 Most Unpredictable Acts of Stupidity You Have Ever Witnessed


Brainless seems like a small word to describe the atrocities that some people commit against basic common sense. They defy all laws of nature and logic and do whatever the hell they want. They embody the mantra, “my life, my rules”.

Of course, this mantra rewards them with lots of embarrassment and sometimes even fatal injuries as their silly endeavors back fire on them.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of people caught red handed in acts of sheer stupidity.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 When you wanna go in style

  2. 2 Taking my computer for a walk!!

  3. 3 Saw these girls at IKEA. What were they thinking?

  4. 4 Because normal ladders are too mainstream


  5. 5 Watch and learn, boys.

  6. 6 Must not forget your own tradition

  7. 7 The only crocs I can keep so close are my slippers

  8. 8 My best chance at being a Ninja

  9. 9 What a fun way to commit suicide

  10. 10 I'm going in

  11. 11 Walking on the skies

  12. 12 Natural hair extensions

  13. 13 The balance between life and death

  14. 14 Those are my lucky underpants

  15. 15 I'm gonna be Ariel for Halloween

  16. 16 When summer's just around the corner

  17. 17 Raising them with tough love

  18. 18 Impatience could be REALLY costly

  19. 19 When you know your job is pointless but you've gotta pay the bills

  20. 20 I don't wanna go near that

  21. 21 When there's free pizza downstairs

  22. 22 Why? How? What even?!

  23. 23 This way its gonna take forever

  24. 24 I don't think my mom understands how her rice cooker works

  25. 25 Should have planned this better

  26. 26 That's when my heart got stolen

  27. 27 The epitome of teamwork

  28. 28 Bazookas Incoming!!

  29. 29 I saw a transformer today

  30. 30 Mounting and aiming a wireless ISP customer radio + antenna

  31. 31 And this is how you cuddle

  32. 32 Just starting my day, doing some freelance work at the coffee house


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