30 People Who Accidentally Screwed Up and It is Hilarious


Life would be so easy if we had it all figured out, but then it would also be boring. And hence we screw up all the time to spice things up a little. Sometimes we screw up big and end up turning our life upside down, at other times it’s not so bad. We screw up just enough to get frustrated without doing any permanent damage.


This post is about the latter type of screw ups, the ones that give you hilarious stories without actually ruining your life. Listed in this post are 30 hilarious photos of times when people screwed up. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 I bought a glass screen protector for it. don’t worry, the protector is perfectly fine!

  2. 2 Playing it smooth

  3. 3 Oh sport, you are a pain!

  4. 4 Not even his last ride went perfectly


  5. 5 I can't drive into freshly poured cement?

  6. 6 I thought I was having a bad day, but I felt better once I realized someone at work had it worse...

  7. 7 He was pretending that he was shaving his eyebrows but looks like he made a wrong choice

  8. 8 May be she was looking in the toys category

  9. 9 Not so much fun holidays for him

  10. 10 It didnt go as he planned

  11. 11 A grown a** man

  12. 12 Totally accidental

  13. 13 So THAT'S what those orange cones were for...

  14. 14 May be we need to order Chinese tonight

  15. 15 "Little tank solider "

  16. 16 Somewhere in parallel universe

  17. 17 Accidentally dirty photo!

  18. 18 My cat made a wrong jump calculation

  19. 19 She is regretting her decision now

  20. 20 Just doing my eyelashes...

  21. 21 Her boyfriend is not that strong enough

  22. 22 She thought she would jump over the fence easily

  23. 23 Well this is very confusing

  24. 24 This girl brought this in class thinking she grabbed her laptop from kitchen

  25. 25 I think this horse is blind

  26. 26 He had one job

  27. 27 Getting familiar with new offices furniture was not good for him

  28. 28 The bakery men made a stupid mistake

  29. 29 My wife thought that this tomato leaf was a giant spider

  30. 30 She is learning things on her own

  31. 31 Accidentally messed up the sides

  32. 32 My friend's mom thinks that she found drugs in his car

  33. 33 Was that meant for the photographer

  34. 34 Not the bubble you would like to show too your kids


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