29 Funny Men Who Know How to Have Fun In Every Situation


Some people really know how to have fun in life. They’ll find humor in everything, that’s what makes them such good company and such a positive influence.

Thanks to social media, we can now stay connected to people like that all the time. We get to see live feeds of their hilarious adventures on Snapchat, and we can see all their wacky photos on Instagram.


In this post we have collected hilarious photos of men having fun in all kinds of hilarious situations.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When you're single AF for a long time.

  2. 2 Best place to chill when its 40+ centigrade outside.

  3. 3 Dragging myself through life like...

  4. 4 when you take carrying your friends to college literally.


  5. 5 So my younger brother works at the local butcher shop...

  6. 6 My new sleeping bag .

  7. 7 My wife was scrolling through an album of her friends maternity photos and came across this one. He's such a beautiful mother.

  8. 8 Spider man without the suit?

  9. 9 Antiquing with my husband...!

  10. 10 when you are on vacation with your wife but you got loads of work at the same time.

  11. 11 Its funny how he took her on a date.

  12. 12 A swan hunter?

  13. 13 This guy giving tough competition to Ariel.

  14. 14 Looks like Aqua man changed its gender.

  15. 15 Not sure if its kangaroo or goat's feet but they are giving some major bath goals.

  16. 16 Why so serious?

  17. 17 when your friends congrats you on having a baby but actually its just weight you gained.

  18. 18 Victoria's Secret hire him before its too late.

  19. 19 when you are out of bath bomb be a bath bomb.

  20. 20 That's how you end up on a triplet date.

  21. 21 He is putting some serious effort!!

  22. 22 Wine bae on its role after salt bae .

  23. 23 That shark is smiling for the photo I guess?

  24. 24 When the prank goes wrong.

  25. 25 His girlfriend wanted him to be a Phone-booth so he dressed up !!

  26. 26 Men are good at Synchronization...

  27. 27 Prolly the real Batman!

  28. 28 Andy Samberg Gets Whiskered for Wired Magazine

  29. 29 This 86 year old man challenged me to a pole dancing contest while at happy hour, he won.


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