30+ Most Amusing Photos of Funny Dads on Vacations


Being a dad is hard.

Dads gotta work day and night to provide for their families and care for their kids, but that doesn’t mean that dads don’t get to have any fun.

When dads get off work, they sure make the most of their time.


Listed in this post are few of the most awesome father vacationing moments where fathers let their little mischievous souls out of the bag to rock and roll with the wittiest expressions, craziest outfits and exceptional poses that will make you go LOL.

Scroll down and laugh your heart out peeps.

  1. 1 Our hotness won't let us feel cold

  2. 2 Fits perfectly

  3. 3 Dad sent me a good morning snap from his trip in Vegas

  4. 4 My dad's idea of fun at the beach


  5. 5 When you're Hawaii, you dress like it

  6. 6 Let's go snorkeling

  7. 7 My dad finally doing stuff he's never attempted before

  8. 8 My dad has the humor of a 10 year old

  9. 9 Let me help you out handless man

  10. 10 That's not allowed dad

  11. 11 My dad is more energetic than me

  12. 12 Dad made a new buddy

  13. 13 We're about to start our lip-sync battle

  14. 14 Daddy's making new friends

  15. 15 Chilling in its true meaning

  16. 16 My father's a badass

  17. 17 My father went zip-lining first to show me its safe

  18. 18 Iron man from 500 years ago

  19. 19 Fist pump ma mate

  20. 20 Bob Marley ft Mickey Mouse

  21. 21 Teaching the little one some discipline

  22. 22 Safety tutorial 101

  23. 23 No ifs, ands, ors... only butts

  24. 24 Right on the money

  25. 25 Incoming!!!

  26. 26 Work comes first

  27. 27 This Dad Was Told There'd Be Horseback Riding

  28. 28 I feel sorry for my mom...

  29. 29 Dad posted this photo on National Day

  30. 30 Daddy made a new friend on vacation

  31. 31 When dads on vacations, they wears what they wants!!

  32. 32 Before this, he used it to open beer cans


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