30 Funny Photos That Will Make You Feel intelligent


Some people will do things that are so dumb that they make blondes look intelligent. If you’ve had a bad day, and you feel like you’ve messed up. You’re at the right place. We bet that no matter how bad you messed up, you couldn’t have been as dumb as the idiots in these photos. 


Listed in this post are 30 photos of hilariously dumb mistakes by idiots. You’ll really start to feel intelligent after you’re finished with this post, no matter how bad you mess up you can’t be as bad as this. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Let it rain over me

  2. 2 First year with college friends be like

  3. 3 Duct Tape Cocoon

  4. 4 Meanwhile, in the Arab world


  5. 5 Cuddling with whom I love

  6. 6 How would you like your egg sir? Stitched, please!

  7. 7 Because plates are easy

  8. 8 Living on the edge!

  9. 9 Yes, Now I can safely say that I am intelligent!

  10. 10 I guess he likes falling from trees!

  11. 11 You don't wanna know what happened next!

  12. 12 Talk about an adventure

  13. 13 Try to steal my bike now thief!!

  14. 14 Come here you giant cat

  15. 15 How many points for this one?

  16. 16 I am sure they could have come up with another solution!!

  17. 17 Time to stop global warming!

  18. 18 I hope there were words which can describe this!

  19. 19 That surely didn't go as planned!

  20. 20 She just wanted a hot picture for Instagram!

  21. 21 I know what I am doing!

  22. 22 He said I am not that heavy.. Now I don't feel my back!

  23. 23 I never wanted to be a fire fighter!

  24. 24 Don't worry. That's his daily job!

  25. 25 Life is full of bad decisions

  26. 26 Don't panic

  27. 27 When you don't get any action for a week

  28. 28 Getting into a relationship be like

  29. 29 Our version of a pool party

  30. 30 Only if Peter Parker knew


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