30 Most Funny Photo Fails Ever


There was a time when photos were taken only to commemorate special moments. Back then, the photos took days to be developed, and once ready they were placed and saved in photo albums for families to look back to. Now things have changed. Thanks to smart phones and digital camera, photos can be taken and shared instantly.

People don’t just take photos to commemorate special moments. They take photos of practically everything, resultantly we get to see a lot of silly photos and photography fails posted on social media.


In this post we have listed up hilarious photography fails that we came across online. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When taking a perfection vacation photo is not that easy

  2. 2 OHHH LALA!!

  3. 3 The moment of pain

  4. 4 Couple goals


  5. 5 The face swap they didnt expected

  6. 6 This horse knows how to ruin a photo

  7. 7 This dude got some baggage

  8. 8 When you thought going to a local game would be fun

  9. 9 Such Love

  10. 10 Thats her elbow

  11. 11 This woman's reflection

  12. 12 When people ask you to show your best dance move

  13. 13 The unexpected punch

  14. 14 Reason I would not like to see kids on my wedding

  15. 15 My friend asked her fiancé to take a picture of her in Milan

  16. 16 Dwarf with backwards feet has first modelling session

  17. 17 My Dad tried taking a Panoramic photo

  18. 18 When your kid is a retard

  19. 19 That annoying cousin

  20. 20 When you have toothache

  21. 21 Our dog is little doofy...

  22. 22 My kids always buy weird stuff

  23. 23 Trying to take picture like models

  24. 24 The best photo bomb by a dog

  25. 25 No no! It's not what you're thinking... Just an other innocent photo!

  26. 26 When you see it...

  27. 27 This guy in my panoramic photo is taking a picture of himself

  28. 28 Even when the painting could see

  29. 29 Captured at perfect time

  30. 30 Creeping from underneath the couch


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