30 Times People Having Fun With Photoshop


Photoshop is seriously awesome.

You can use it to create mesmerizing designs. It is also awesome for editing photos. Some use it to enhance their photos and deliver important branding messages; others use it to make the world laugh by creating memes and funny photos. This post is about the latter category.


Listed up in this post are some of the funniest photos that have ever been created on Photoshop.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Do you know anyone who’s good with Photoshop? Share this post with them to give them some hilarious ideas!

  1. 1 She just always has to show it one way or another

  2. 2 How the dentists expects me to open my mouth

  3. 3 Jaws (indoor edition)

  4. 4 When the two presidential candidates meet


  5. 5 Walking the dog? Na that's too easy.

  6. 6 MRW I fall asleep naked at the beach and the ocean tucks me in

  7. 7 When you're flat and you only wanna show what's presentable

  8. 8 Scarecrows that ought to scare humans too

  9. 9 I feel like this is how I was actually born

  10. 10 I'm guessing that's Emma

  11. 11 If Miley could get her desired surgery

  12. 12 The rowdy rough boys

  13. 13 When she talks all the time

  14. 14 Photoshop day 1: Posing with my new car

  15. 15 He's just a little clingy

  16. 16 Let's go to war!

  17. 17 Body got tanned

  18. 18 Titanic ft Jurassic Park

  19. 19 Mr. Stark is that you?

  20. 20 How people expect babies to smile at them

  21. 21 If Vladimir supported LGBT

  22. 22 Because Hulk can do anything

  23. 23 Sugar Mommy? Nope, it's the other way around.

  24. 24 She dictates things around the house

  25. 25 Play that symphony with all you've got

  26. 26 Mega-mind ft Heisenberg

  27. 27 Better than your 6 packs

  28. 28 We've got a winner

  29. 29 Guess the celeb

  30. 30 The attention to detail is sublime

  31. 31 A swing is roller coaster for feet

  32. 32 Obama lifts. do you?

  33. 33 Someone stole Reese Weatherperson's chin

  34. 34 Thorough examination

  35. 35 Dangerous is the new sexy

  36. 36 New PubG weapon update

  37. 37 Here I come little one

  38. 38 Who would you pick? The cheese or the woman?

  39. 39 Booty filters be like

  40. 40 Customized skirt really helped her here


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