30 Patent Lies By People With Amazing Sense Of Humour (New Photos)


Some lies are better and funnier than others.

A good lie is one that can’t be detected; the best lie is one that is completely obvious and utterly hilarious. The latter category of lies often comes from people with an amazing sense of humor.


In this post we have listed up photos of some of the funniest lies ever told. The 13th photo is our favorite! Which one do you like best?

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family.

  1. 1 That butt ain't real

  2. 2 Literal meme of the week

  3. 3 Facebook photoshop fail!! Look at the hands....

  4. 4 Necessity is the mother of deception


  5. 5 Not for the dirty minds

  6. 6 Steve Job must not find out

  7. 7 BUSTED!

  8. 8 The test for both pregnancy and intelligence is a fail.

  9. 9 Don't fall for it

  10. 10 What can I buy with this?

  11. 11 Seems legit!

  12. 12 When she releases her breathe

  13. 13 We don't lie around here

  14. 14 For Corolla lovers

  15. 15 Abs that vanish the belly button...

  16. 16 What iPhone update is this?

  17. 17 From Gorilla to Sexy just like Mozarella

  18. 18 Panda mommy with her child

  19. 19 Spot the chip

  20. 20 Spot the cat

  21. 21 Fastest automotive on Earth

  22. 22 Don't give me the front row seat

  23. 23 Someone please inform Apple

  24. 24 Try our exclusive McChicken deal

  25. 25 Don't fall in the trap

  26. 26 Corcodiles

  27. 27 Lets go to Disneyland

  28. 28 Feeling lonely? Come down here!

  29. 29 Do the Roar

  30. 30 Feel like I'm superfly

  31. 31 I prefer my stronger arm

  32. 32 Pretty little liar...


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