20+ Funny Parents Who Trolled Their Kids Selfies


Have you ever used leaves to tell your young daughter that nature is super duper cooler than any snapchat filter? Do you have the guts to do flawless winged eyeliner over your bearded face? Can you pout like a queen to tell your daughter that you can do it right too? Have you imagined ruining your child’s vacation photos by recreating them in the most disastrous way possible? If no then you seriously need to check out these funny parents trolling their kids in the most hilarious manner.

In this post, find hilarious ideas to roast your kids, they’ll probably end up blocking you from their social media pages, but it is worth the sacrifice.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 my friend’s dad just posted this on fb with the caption “twins!”

  2. 2 Lesson taken on how to embarrass your daughter

  3. 3 This dad knows how to troll

  4. 4 But maybe not as good as his mom did?


  5. 5 How my friend's parents responded to their Disney land photo

  6. 6 The tattoo gets me really hard

  7. 7 Looks like this dad doesn't like the knife tattoo

  8. 8 How to ruin your daughter's holidays

  9. 9

  10. 10 They finally had some fun cause of their daughter

  11. 11 Tattoos, nose ring. Everything checked!

  12. 12 He hates his daughter's boyfriend

  13. 13 Natural Snapchat filters

  14. 14 His make up game is strong

  15. 15 Meet the derps

  16. 16 Looks like a slip f tongue

  17. 17 This dad who tried to troll his his did a good job

  18. 18 This Italian dad knows how to pop a leg like her daughter

  19. 19

  20. 20 New way to teach your kids some manners.

  21. 21 Shinny shades fight

  22. 22 How to make a bitchy face

  23. 23 At least he tried to get the make up right

  24. 24 Shirt game is strong here

  25. 25 Trying out Snapchat filters


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