10+ Hilarious Online Shopping Disasters That Will Put You Off Online Shopping Forever (New Photos)


Shopping online is always a risk.

You’re promised one thing, and delivered something entirely different! Be careful when you’re shopping online folks, especially if you’re trying a new website. You may end up getting duped by your online retailer.


Listed up in this post are some of the funniest photos of people facing horrid online shopping disasters. The same thing can happen to you if you’re not careful!

Scroll on peeps and share this post with your friends and family to deter them from shopping on shady online stores.

  1. 1 I was supposed to look Sexy in this...

  2. 2 The size chart pranked me

  3. 3 I look like a character from GTA 4

  4. 4 Olaf for Halloween


  5. 5 Makes you look more homeless than ever

  6. 6 Don't think I'd be able to carry the swag

  7. 7 Same dress minus the elegance

  8. 8 I didn't order gym-wear ffs

  9. 9 5'6" is an average height. isn't it?

  10. 10 Guess our neighborhood Spiderman ain't that friendly anymore...

  11. 11 Super cleaning process about to start

  12. 12 They didn't mention anything about polythene material

  13. 13 When you buy denim joggers online and it turns out they're kid size

  14. 14 Straight outta Star Trek

  15. 15 King Sized

  16. 16 From the red carpet to looking like a red indian

  17. 17 I can't take my hand off this... or it'll fall

  18. 18 Perfect fit eh?

  19. 19 Smoky and sexy

  20. 20 The heels were slightly disfigured

  21. 21 Ain't nobody cheating in this poker

  22. 22 To be fair my wife did think this paddling pool was suspiciously cheap

  23. 23 The expressions say it all

  24. 24 Not what I expected when I selected "Small" size

  25. 25 It's all about the photo editing

  26. 26 Where's the pink?

  27. 27 It's a good jacket. Just not human sized...

  28. 28 Important distinction between mini muffin tins and miniature muffin tins

  29. 29 Haven't seen a more boring dress in a while

  30. 30 How have your experiences been?


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