30+ Hilarious Notes By Parents Who are Sick of Their Kids Outrageous Behaviour


Being a parent is a tough job. You have to consistently deal with children and handle all sorts of messes that they’ll put you in. Let’s face it, kids hate being told what to do. They’d rather mess up than be bossed around by their parents.

But that doesn’t mean parents have to give up. Does it? Parents just need to learn how to be as mischievous and clever as their little ones. You don’t always have to yell to get things your way, you can also get the message across by leaving witty notes for your kids reminding them to get things done right.


In this post, we are sharing some hilarious notes written by witty parents to persuade, warn, inform and help their crazy children.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 But Snacks are more valuable than love

  2. 2 Make sure you feed the basket.

  3. 3 Just to make sure that, its tasty enough for you

  4. 4 "Feed Me!" Just warm reminder.


  5. 5 Mommy's idiot proof user manual.

  6. 6 Cause its not toothpaste, MOM!

  7. 7 Hang & reuse! Not that hard to understand

  8. 8 The dishes will not wash themselves

  9. 9 His mom will kill him if he still forgets it.

  10. 10 Its a bit of a riddle but mommy know how to solve it.

  11. 11 welcome to the dad's world.

  12. 12 May the things goes in her favor AMEN.

  13. 13 That's the only way to unground yourself.

  14. 14 We need to talk

  15. 15 Dinner is ready to eat !

  16. 16 When your son is dumb

  17. 17 Its probably not the sneeze.

  18. 18 A friendly reminder.

  19. 19 A threat, with love!

  20. 20 They are serious about their sleep this time...

  21. 21 Hi, I am Mike, I like to take ride to work with Tim.

  22. 22 Don't be mad, Its time to loose weight!

  23. 23 You need a bit of IQ to understand that.

  24. 24 Mum finds out a strange thing.

  25. 25 I guess he keeps on forgetting his bag daily.

  26. 26 For your information !

  27. 27 Mum isn't a pie person

  28. 28 That makes 4380 hours .

  29. 29 That's kinda motivation you need.

  30. 30 Daddy sharing his experience.

  31. 31 No need to worry its okay .

  32. 32 There's a small mart in our house .

  33. 33 If you wanna get the password make sure you're done with your bed and rest.

  34. 34 Are they talking about Vin Diesel?


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