35 Funniest Notes by Neighbours With Sense of Humour


It sucks to have bad neighbors. And if you’re someone who has trouble confronting others then things can get unbearable.

But don’t fret it.

You don’t have to have a direct confrontation with your neighbors. Use witty signs instead! They’ll get your message across in a humorous manner without offending anybody.


Listed in this post are 3 photos of hilarious signs left by people for their neighbors. They’ll help you find ideas to come up with signs of your own.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 He's on a streak

  2. 2 Our elderly neighbours have this sign posted on the bike path in their backyard

  3. 3 Please take them off before going upstairs

  4. 4 Look at it, Bob!


  5. 5 Animals apologizing is the best thing ever

  6. 6 Would this be enough?

  7. 7 Google Maps level neighbour feud.

  8. 8 Something more than "Beware of the dog"

  9. 9 Sliding this under my neighbors door rn

  10. 10 Stop the littering already

  11. 11 Did you eat tacos or smth?

  12. 12 Redeem your chance while you have it

  13. 13 Just know that we know

  14. 14 And it will probably not taste good

  15. 15 A dinosaur came to live here

  16. 16 Your speakers are wicked awesome!!

  17. 17 Dealing with every situation in humor

  18. 18 My garden is giving a signal

  19. 19 But it doesn't rhyme

  20. 20 Keep it down ffs

  21. 21 I hope you won't like it

  22. 22 Fed up people on Levels 3,4,5 have a friendly message

  23. 23 That would be GREAT!

  24. 24 Consent required

  25. 25 It's a never ending story

  26. 26 Gotta connect the dots yourself

  27. 27 When your annoying neighbor finally moves out

  28. 28 A public service message by your friendly neighbor

  29. 29 I was bored and looking for something to watch

  30. 30 Friendly rubbish men DO NOT come up to the hall

  31. 31 Have some mercy at us

  32. 32 Honey Badger lives next door

  33. 33 Just a friendly suggestion

  34. 34 The last line had me


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