30+ Funny New Year Memes 2019


Happy New Year folks!

Get ready to welcome the New Year by gearing up with on-point memes that are both sarcastic and highly relatable. Know anyone who’s New Year Resolution is to lose weight? Mess with their head by sharing the 10th meme with them. It might start a meme war, but it is SO worth it! You can also hit them up with the 25th meme. That one goes with all kinds of resolutions!


Scroll on and gear yourself up for meme wars peeps!

  1. 1 Happens every single year

  2. 2 New year's eve with my love for beer

  3. 3 Achievement unlocked

  4. 4 Spending time is making me more lazy


  5. 5 Hope they last more than a week this time around

  6. 6 The only thing that can motivate me

  7. 7 Hangover feels

  8. 8 Working on the first part for now

  9. 9 My level of excitement

  10. 10 That's my theory

  11. 11 Enough said

  12. 12 Celebrating new year's with my little one

  13. 13 Sad reacts only

  14. 14 Imagine the struggle

  15. 15 Help me out peeps!

  16. 16 So my sister took me to new year's party with her friends. Best night ever!

  17. 17 The blinker rule remains the same!

  18. 18 Dad joke of the day

  19. 19 My fortune cookie trying to motivate me

  20. 20 Best resolution ever

  21. 21 SOML

  22. 22 Just like every year

  23. 23 My life in a picture

  24. 24 Stubborn feminist's new year resolution

  25. 25 My salute to you

  26. 26 And happy holidays!

  27. 27 Too high to realize

  28. 28 LMAO at you guys

  29. 29 Done already

  30. 30 Stuff of the legends

  31. 31 Me going into 2019

  32. 32 The best one from last year's collection

  33. 33 Naps for the win

  34. 34 A few more pints and I'll be good to go

  35. 35 Monkey Mania


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