30+ Wittiest Neon Sign Fails


Neon signs are awesome tools for marketing your brand. They make sure you get attention. However like everything else, they have their problems too. Sometimes due to electrical failures some of the letters in your Neon sign may fail to work, and resultantly it may end up spelling out hilarious messages much to the amusement of your customers and competitors alike.

Listed in this post are hilarious examples of Neon sign fails.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

You will surely be laughing out loud by the time you finish going through all the photos listed in this post.

  1. 1 There must be a sale on The Twilight Sage in there

  2. 2 How bad can it be after all?

  3. 3 They come in all sizes and ethnicities

  4. 4 oh Thank you!!


  5. 5 No harm can do good

  6. 6 This could turn out very wrong some day

  7. 7 My Saturday night getaway from now on

  8. 8 With a wide variety of dishes

  9. 9 That's a nice code word for porn

  10. 10 If you've got a foot fetish

  11. 11 It's a kitty store

  12. 12 What the gym sign looks like at leg day

  13. 13 Legolas keeps his stuff here

  14. 14 The lies are for free

  15. 15 When you go to the wrong kinda museum

  16. 16 What kind of a girlfriend do you want?

  17. 17 I'm guessing it's a strip club

  18. 18 When you do it wrong but luck is on your side

  19. 19 This is where Satan lives

  20. 20 I took my girlfriend for grocery shopping and she took the signal

  21. 21 When my friends go shopping without me

  22. 22 A public service message by The Ganja Club

  23. 23 Are they selling it?

  24. 24 It's a trap!!

  25. 25 100% hygienic

  26. 26 When your ex falls for you again

  27. 27 I want this sign for my Saturday night shenanigans

  28. 28 Is this somehow directing towards the toilet?

  29. 29 Since when did Krispy Kreme get so kinky?

  30. 30 You're in for a treat

  31. 31 This could be a Porn film title

  32. 32 Another one

  33. 33 I guess the strip club's following a bank theme tonight

  34. 34 Me right after a breakup

  35. 35 A place where all the F*ckers dine

  36. 36 Join us for a dip


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