30 Epic Moms Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Mommies are generally expected to be the careful parents who protect their kids from all kinds of trouble. They’re expected to be no less than saints or even superwomen who can do no wrong! However, that is almost never the case.

Moms mess up too, and some mess up more than others.

Listed in this post are more than 31 hilarious photos of moms who’re way outta line. You’ll seriously be laughing out loud by the time you finish browsing through these photos.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

P.S. Don’t judge the moms too harshly, they’re just humans like you and me.

  1. 1 WOW that's weird.

  2. 2 Smoking is not good for pregnancy.

  3. 3 Don’t waste money on an expensive and comfortable stroller! Babies can fold up neatly into any affordable utility cart.

  4. 4 Priorities.


  5. 5 When you are pissed off ...

  6. 6 When you aren't really prepared for having kids yet

  7. 7 Sipping a cola is more important i guess.

  8. 8 When mom is a pole dancer.

  9. 9 Kids on a leash!

  10. 10 When your kid is too active for you that you need a leash to handle your kid.

  11. 11 Well gaming is important.

  12. 12 When she won't go to school.

  13. 13 That baby might hit some strong.

  14. 14 I guess he had enough rounds.

  15. 15 Making out in front of your kid is not good at all.

  16. 16 webcamming at a wrong time .

  17. 17 Can't stop a daredevil whose carrying a child

  18. 18 Breastfeeding and spray tans doesn't make up a good taste.

  19. 19 How the hell is she even breathing ?!

  20. 20 I guess call was more important...

  21. 21 Parenting tips from the Forest

  22. 22 When your kid won't eat.

  23. 23 I hope its not real.

  24. 24 Well something is wrong in there

  25. 25 Teaching to ride a bike.

  26. 26 Hulk mom !

  27. 27 Help prepare your child for college early-on by encouraging superior Beer-Bong skills.

  28. 28 When mommy's size XXXL

  29. 29 When your baby's into recycling

  30. 30 And that's how you save oxygen

  31. 31 Little ones don't care about their location when it comes to taking naps


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