30 Funny Optical Illusions That Will Boggle Your Mind


A good photographer knows how to show you magic in ordinary photos. Either by using photo editing or simply by using perspective in photography, he/she can create optical illusions that seriously amaze you.

In this post we have listed more than 30 amazing optical illusions that will seriously boggle your mind. Try taking pictures like these on your next trip. Don’t edit your photos, try to generate the optical illusion solely based on camera work. It will be a fun new experience.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 This squeeze t-shirt

  2. 2 She told me her secret

  3. 3 Embrace the Tiger

  4. 4 Catch me if you can


  5. 5 Show but no show

  6. 6 Camouflage shorts working just fine

  7. 7 King Kong was here

  8. 8 Infinite photograph!

  9. 9 Get inn!

  10. 10 The safest place to hide

  11. 11 Mate, tell your girl to put down that tree. LOL

  12. 12 Kitchen memories

  13. 13 Filling up the pools as public service

  14. 14 A balancing act

  15. 15 This floor is perfectly even!

  16. 16 Gotta make it rain

  17. 17 Waterproof shelter

  18. 18 Life's indeed a climb

  19. 19 Always wanted to feel like a giant

  20. 20 It's time for the night

  21. 21 I am the nature myself

  22. 22 Disposing him off

  23. 23 Change of position for Mount Eden

  24. 24 One sip would be enough for a shower

  25. 25 Whiskers away

  26. 26 After my visit to Taco Bell

  27. 27 This artist managed to separate her head from the body with makeup

  28. 28 Parting ways

  29. 29 And Lenin has won it for Russia with a 3 pointer

  30. 30 Does he really have super powers or …


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