30 Hilariously Awkward Moments in Mannequin History


Mannequins have the most boring job in the world. They’re supposed to stand all day in the same place in the same pose doing nothing at all. Then they’re also subjected to regular stripping by heartless retailers who may even detach their limbs from time to time leaving them naked and limb less. Tragedy isn’t it?

Don’t be so low. Not all of them have it so bad. Some Mannequins break away from the monotonous pattern and rebel. They indulge in hilarious adventures that are quite amusing for the shoppers.


In this post we have collected photos of the rebel mannequins who’re living it up. These photos are hilarious.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When you finally find a mannequin like yourself

  2. 2 Why, Just why????

  3. 3 The moment you realize that you wont need college fees for him

  4. 4 Thank god these shop got mannequin of my size as well


  5. 5 Thats one scary mannequin

  6. 6 These mannequins truly representing toddlers

  7. 7 A mannequin from outer space

  8. 8 I guess this is for Aliens

  9. 9 I think she might have a little pain in her neck

  10. 10 Not a happy family

  11. 11 How to have fun at work

  12. 12 Those teeth tho

  13. 13 The injured one

  14. 14 T H I C C

  15. 15 A tattooed mannequin

  16. 16 An unusual mannequin

  17. 17 Me after eating spicy food

  18. 18 Googly eyes makes everything better

  19. 19 Thinking about all those wrong decisions be like

  20. 20 When you realize you are marrying a wrong man


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