20+ Hilarious Magazine Mishaps


If you’re a regular magazine reader then you may have occasionally come across designs that don’t make any sense at all.

For instance, you may see a classy model carrying an invisible purse being featured in the magazine or you may come across people who have more limbs than the normal number.

Surprisingly errors such as these get ignored by both the designers and the editors of the magazines and appear in the final copies as hilarious telltale signs of inexperienced noobs at work.


In this post we have listed up 30 hilarious mishaps from magazines that seriously need new editors.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 The giant hand!!

  2. 2 Oh George, you sly dog....

  3. 3 Save your apples and pears, don't place these in the same bowl.

  4. 4 The missing leg is not sexy Veronica Kay!!


  5. 5 My hometown newspaper had an amusing juxtaposition

  6. 6 If you edit a magazine called 'Where', you really ought to be more careful with your layout

  7. 7 They gave Oprah an extra hand so she can give more gifts to people!

  8. 8 She can twist her neck 360 degrees.

  9. 9 This was in the news paper yesterday.

  10. 10 Brittle hand prolly.

  11. 11 The power of three

  12. 12 Editor of this magazine is really not good at his job .

  13. 13 A new sexy pose for magazine models

  14. 14 I guess she was born with out a navel .

  15. 15 Beyoncé with a third arm.

  16. 16 Miley Cyrus carry an extra arm !!

  17. 17 Grabbing some solid air.

  18. 18 He gotta long arm.

  19. 19 When you wanna travel alone .

  20. 20 Juventus F.C. has players with extra hands.

  21. 21 Girl With No Thumb or Just 2 Left Hands

  22. 22 That's ref's hand .

  23. 23 Bowling ad fail

  24. 24 OPPS! seems like things aren't going in the right direction...

    They gave oprah 


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