20+ Kids Who Gave Themselves a Haircut and Regret Right After


I love the fact that kids are never afraid to experiment with new things. They’re always up for adventure. They don’t really care if they’ll fail or not, they just like to give it a shot. If we all had this spirit, the world would be a different place. 

However, trying new things and taking risks means that you will fail a lot before you succeed. That’s exactly what happens to children who try to give themselves a haircut. They come up with a lot of hilarious haircut fails before they can even come close to getting it right. It is quite hilarious really. 


In this post, we have posted photos of children who gave themselves a funny haircut. You’ll love it. Scroll on and enjoy peeps: 

  1. 1 A full party make up

  2. 2 As long as she's proud

  3. 3 Looks like mommy didn't like it

  4. 4 Will the girls at school like it mom?


  5. 5 At this very moment little Timmy knew.... HE F**KED UP!

  6. 6 He did this to himself...

  7. 7 His older brother thought that this was funny. His father does too!

  8. 8 He wanted to look like the monk from the movies

  9. 9 Look who cut her own hair!

  10. 10 She's a proud barber

  11. 11 She should have tried using a ruler!

  12. 12 Interesting design!

  13. 13 Avery cuts her own hair

  14. 14 He wanted to cut his hair by himself. Not happening again...

  15. 15 He wanted to do some paper cuttings... didn't turn out well

  16. 16 Still trying to figure out what he was designing

  17. 17 No regrets fella!

  18. 18 Here's a present for you mommy

  19. 19 They were bugging my eyes

  20. 20 Short hair don't care

  21. 21 She's had been looking odd for a few hours... just noticed

  22. 22 Before and after

  23. 23 My client's daughter cut her own hair. I am a hairdresser. She asked me if I could fix it. NOPE.

  24. 24 Lesson learned: Never use scissors on your hair not even the kid's ones


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