30+ Most Amusing Kardashian/Jenner memes That Will Make You Giggle


There’s nothing like memes to lift up one’s mood.

Memes come in various categories . Today we’re focusing on Kardashian/Jenner memes covering all sorts of topics with on point humor. Scroll through the list peeps, and share relatable memes with your best friends.


Heck! Share them with people you haven’t talked to for months. Let them know that even though you don’t talk like you used to, you still think about your old friends. There’s nothing like memes to reconnect with old friends!

  1. 1 Got to show this attitude to the haters!

  2. 2 The world is going to have deficiency of plastic very soon!

  3. 3 Schools are boring!!

  4. 4 I'm gonna spend all my money today!


  5. 5 Because pizza is love!

  6. 6 She'll get the idea...

  7. 7 Exactly!

  8. 8 That's not cool mom!

  9. 9 This perfectly sums it up!

  10. 10 Sue those makeup companies!!

  11. 11 Hate those people who don't text back!

  12. 12 It's too late now!

  13. 13 Who cares about a boyfriend when you can have fries?

  14. 14 They are all just too small for me!

  15. 15 Why does this happen to me all the time?

  16. 16 That's gross!

  17. 17 That confidence!

  18. 18 That's extremely true!

  19. 19 Finally after all of the motivation talks!

  20. 20 This looks like a mystery to me..

  21. 21 We are a match made in heaven!

  22. 22 Don't you have any manners?

  23. 23 That relaxing feeling ...

  24. 24 That what selfies are for!

  25. 25 Oh, really?

  26. 26 A sigh of relief indeed!

  27. 27 There were some really good options though!

  28. 28 Not everyone has a business mind!

  29. 29 The best feeling in the world

  30. 30 Can I go out mom?

  31. 31 Somethings are just not tolerable..

  32. 32 Last thing I wanted to hear!


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