30 Photos Showing What Real Jealousy Looks Like


When you love somebody, you become possessive about them. It’s natural to get a little jealous when they pay more attention to someone other than you. Who likes to be ignored by their partner on a date because he was/she was checking out someone else’s booty?

Sometimes you might even get jealous of people you’ve just met because they have something which you have always wanted. Truth is we all do, some people are just good at hiding their reactions.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of jealous people’s reactions caught on camera. You’ll be surprised to see that even animals get jealous too! Scroll on and enjoy folks:

  1. 1 When dont have what you want

  2. 2 "Envy"

  3. 3 When your friend wins a beauty contest against you

  4. 4 Those stinky eyes


  5. 5 The jealous girlfriend

  6. 6 The summer body you dreamed of

  7. 7 No Harmony

  8. 8 Only ladies will get this one

  9. 9 Those "Eyes"

  10. 10 Even Beyonce gets jealous

  11. 11 Thats how loosing looks like

  12. 12 When you dont like skirts

  13. 13 When you just can't hide your envy

  14. 14 Hoping to see their Ice

  15. 15 Looks like she likes Rihanna's red dress

  16. 16 When mommy loves her more

  17. 17 The third wheel

  18. 18 When your friend goes for fishing for the first time

  19. 19 When you are forever alone

  20. 20 When the new cat is more cuter

  21. 21 She puts her own hand in her soda

  22. 22 Happiness of having a new sibling

  23. 23 Fooled him

  24. 24 The Jealous man at Comic Con

  25. 25 Jealousy on social media

  26. 26 He is my HOOMAN!

  27. 27 Looks like loosing is not fun

  28. 28 Poor choices

  29. 29 When Mommy loves daddy more

  30. 30 Bonus!


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