30 Funny Photos of Amish People Doing Everyday Things


The Amish people adhere to a strict code of life. They believe in staying true to nature in the way that God created it and therefore they limit their use of technology to a bare minimum.  Some of you may be surprised to learn that even in this era of self-driving cars, the Amish people travel from place to place in horses and carriages.

They’re a cute and simplistic community that is often misunderstood by outsiders. Don’t judge them before you know them folks.


In this post, we’ve listed up some cute and funny photos of Amish people in their day-to-day life.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Keeping up with modern era

  2. 2 How to go to walmart in classic style

  3. 3 Amish version of R.V

  4. 4 Amish Limo


  5. 5 Just a normal driver through picture

  6. 6 Its the best version

  7. 7 Literally "One Horse Power Engine"

  8. 8 We were not the cause of it

  9. 9 Why stop at gas station?

  10. 10 Thats how Amish people move

  11. 11 The hot pursuit is on!

  12. 12 Better implement it before its melt away

  13. 13 This is pretty cool segway

  14. 14 Bad ass Amish driver spotted

  15. 15 How Amish people party in 2018

  16. 16 When you use Vending machine for the first time

  17. 17 Best campaign ever?

  18. 18 How to get fresh clean water Amish way

  19. 19 How to do Farming Amish way

  20. 20 They also do tubing!

  21. 21 A public service message

  22. 22 Amish Computer Store... Monday to Friday closed! Saturday & Sunday closed...!!

  23. 23 Camping Amish Style

  24. 24 Just an amish fellow backing his boat into the lake.


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