20+ Funny Comics Only Girls Can Understand (All New)


Planet Prudence is a talented Belgian Illustrator who has been drawing since she was a kid. She puts her heart and soul into her work and produces hilarious comics on various topics.

Her comics are seriously relatable to her female audience. She documents her own struggles hilariously using her comics. Her work has earned her a lot of recognition from a number of notable social media and print media influencers.


In this post we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Planet Prudence’s comics.

You can learn more about her work on the following links: Instagram | planetprudence.com | amzn.to | patreon.com

  1. 1 Cats are the true mates for life

  2. 2 Too old for party nights

  3. 3 The ultimate present

  4. 4 Everything but work


  5. 5 What to do about the love handles?

  6. 6 Too many disadvantages

  7. 7 With great fun comes greater responsibilities

  8. 8 It's rewind time

  9. 9 Doesn't look that pleasant

  10. 10 Where's my bday party?

  11. 11 Humans can never be satisfied

  12. 12 Two sides of the same face

  13. 13 Pinky Wednesdays are here

  14. 14 Winter warmth

  15. 15 Need bigger coconuts

  16. 16 Gotta rest those ankles

  17. 17 Getting the perfect shade is the toughest job

  18. 18 It's a bird's paradise

  19. 19 Not a morning person

  20. 20 Life of a lazy being

  21. 21 Sleeping == being productive

  22. 22 My wave should do the job

  23. 23 Isn't my popped out belly cute?

  24. 24 When you're a perfect bathroom singer

  25. 25 That's what friends are for

  26. 26 Mondays suck


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