35 Girls Having Fun With Statues


Some girls just love to have fun. They’ll brighten up the atmosphere of any place they walk into. Give them a boring statue, they’ll give you a hilarious photo with it. They’re not scared of what other people will say about them, they like to have fun without giving a damn to the world around them.


In this post, we have listed 35 hilarious photos of women being crazy with statues. Some of these photos are seriously inappropriate but they’re guaranteed to give you a good laugh. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Kinky bear....

  2. 2 He seems satisfied

  3. 3 Poor little fella

  4. 4 Please don't eat me Mr. weird head...!


  5. 5 The kid was insisting upon it so I couldn't resist

  6. 6 That's what I do to street harassers

  7. 7 Bang that tushy

  8. 8 This is your commentator speaking, "this is the best day of my life!"

  9. 9 My daddy first

  10. 10 How desperate can you be?

  11. 11 My little angel knows how to have fun

  12. 12 ** Superhero theme music playing **

  13. 13 Taking "kiss my ass" too literally

  14. 14 The Ganpati gang

  15. 15 Ain't nothing to see here

  16. 16 The fact that they dressed him up

  17. 17 I own this. All of it!

  18. 18 Nooooooooo!!

  19. 19 This takes "Busting my A**!" to new levels!

  20. 20 Captain Morgan is a happy man

  21. 21 Spank the beauty

  22. 22 Prepping for exams with the wise ant eater

  23. 23 This couple was meant to be

  24. 24 How many times do I have to tell you to not be loud again?

  25. 25 Getting a taste of beauty

  26. 26 Ah children these days...

  27. 27 Ready for some action?

  28. 28 My university group of friends. Left most is my best buddy.

  29. 29 I hope he doesn't die of the venom

  30. 30 Maybe she likes it...

  31. 31 What...!! I were just trying to look into your eyes....

  32. 32 Getting snacked up after graduation

  33. 33 Run....!!

  34. 34 ...Awwww!


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