30 Hilarious Food Snapchats


Snapchat has people hooked to spur of the moment photos and videos taken randomly by people across their day. We get to see life through the lens of all the people we follow, and sometimes this can be quite interesting especially when you’ve got people with a good sense of humor in your list.

One of the most frequent subjects featured on Snapchat is food and we get to see it in many hilarious forms. In this post, we have listed up some of the funniest food Snapchats ever posted.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 Not the best of days

  2. 2 Almost Died At Breakfast

  3. 3 This is where I work out

  4. 4 Post hangover selfie


  5. 5 butter or better knife.

  6. 6 Finally found Dory. We got kinda late...

  7. 7 Definitely not...

  8. 8 It's her family right there

  9. 9 Noodle soup FTW

  10. 10 Maybe they really meant it

  11. 11 Pizza man is single AF

  12. 12 Get yourself a girl like that

  13. 13 Easy solution

  14. 14 Food is bae

  15. 15 McDonalds just hit me with a literal pun

  16. 16 Seems like he won't be eating it anymore

  17. 17 Let's find out

  18. 18 Day = Made

  19. 19 Pun intended

  20. 20 ET Phone Home

  21. 21 Reminds me of chocolate every time

  22. 22 Lucky and unlucky people

  23. 23 She's on a ice cream marathon

  24. 24 It's still Pizza...

  25. 25 My trust in noodle soup is gone now

  26. 26 He drank it and regret is showing clearly on his face

  27. 27 They aren't friends with the Zucchini yet

  28. 28 Expiry date troll

  29. 29 Start your day with a toast

  30. 30 Post food analysis


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