A Comedian Created Funny Fake Products and Placed On Supermarket Shelves


Do you know what text intervention is?

Text intervention is the art and practice of manipulating the text written by another author into something that is entirely new and original.

Jeff Wysaski is an American Comedian who is a master of text intervention. He takes boring labels and turns them into new hilarious versions that suit our reality much better than the original ones.


We collected photos of some of Jeff’s best labels and shared them in this post.

Scroll on and laugh your heart out peeps.

You can learn more about Jeff’s work on the following links: Instagram | Shop

  1. 1 How far have we come?!

  2. 2 Umm no thanks!

  3. 3 Somebody, Please take her baby...

  4. 4 My favourite fall snack!

  5. 5 Divorce poncho now at Walmart


  6. 6 Wanna play some foopball?

  7. 7 Sweat confidently with Schwegg’s...

  8. 8 Introducing Human Tears - STAY CRYDRATED!

  9. 9 Buy some for your July 4th bbq!!

  10. 10 Get his attention with these creative ideas!

  11. 11 The dollar store has some weird stuff...

  12. 12 Naked Bruce does not wear clothes...

  13. 13 For the lonely ones

  14. 14 Save time with the Febreze Quick Shower.

  15. 15 They tried their best...

  16. 16 Pain of a breakup still lasting

  17. 17 Why so serious, Master Wayne?

  18. 18 Which one would you pick?

  19. 19 Welcome to the world of Steves

  20. 20 They say human meat is yummy

  21. 21 Toys for the unathletic kid.

  22. 22 Dad Fighter the classic handheld game.

  23. 23 Just in time for Mother’s Day.

  24. 24 The 70s were messed up


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