30+ Funny Facial Expressions of Cheerleaders Caught on Camera


Cheerleaders are known for their dazzling smiles; after all they’re professionally trained to cheer on their team. They need to look positive to give good vibes to their team. However once the game begins cheerleaders seriously zone out from the world around them and they embody the spirit of the game! They’ll scream, they’ll cheer, and they’ll shout for their team!

If you catch them on camera in the heat of the action, you’re bound to come up with hilarious photos of the cheerleaders.


In this post we have listed up funny photos of cheerleaders in the heat of all the action.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 That girl on the right

  2. 2 That guy can be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  3. 3 Enjoying the life to its fullest.

  4. 4 That's all we wanted


  5. 5 The coach said I gotta be myself

  6. 6 Get it going people!

  7. 7 They're gone!

  8. 8 When someone cracks a mom joke so good

  9. 9 Abs of steel

  10. 10 Gosh it hurts

  11. 11 When the Pizza arrives

  12. 12 When you make a dad joke too good

  13. 13 When someone comes to the party in a Ferrari

  14. 14 Sometimes they probably wonder why did they do those facials!

  15. 15 A new trend hitting us soon.

  16. 16 When you turn on you phone's front camera accidentally .

  17. 17 Devil going cute.

  18. 18 A new trend.

  19. 19 Actually following the rocket

  20. 20 Never let the inner cheerleader take over

  21. 21 That's a very unique expression

  22. 22 When she says she likes feminine boys

  23. 23 I love her face! LOL!

  24. 24 Let the cheer out!

  25. 25 That Footballer won her heart

  26. 26 holy hyperextended!

  27. 27 First time as a cheerleader.

  28. 28 That shoe is landing right in her face ....

  29. 29 When your team scores.

  30. 30 The greatest distraction for opponents.

  31. 31 Give me whatever you've got!

  32. 32 Shoulder workout for the month done

  33. 33 The view is amusing

  34. 34 You live for what?!

  35. 35 The girl below is not too sure about it

  36. 36 Let me hear you roar

  37. 37 If Right back at you had a face

  38. 38 This is called candid

  39. 39 When the crowd stands for you

  40. 40 Childhood photos from weddings be like


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