30 Times When Reality Did Not Live Up to Expectations


Have you ever been deceived by a label or a picture?

Sometimes marketers exaggerate their product features on the labels to attract the audience. They make them look far better than they actually are hoping to attract prospective buyers. Such tactics work in the short term, as sales increase however over time people lose trust on the brands pulling such tricks and they end up losing both new and existing customers.

Touching up product features to look good on the label is okay, but some marketers seriously go overboard and promise something entirely different from their product.


Listed up in this post are hilarious photos of products whose labels look entirely different from the actual products. We’ve also included photos of instances when people hilariously failed to recreate recipes and tattoos that they had seen online.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the marketers in your list.

  1. 1 Birthday cake gone wrong.

  2. 2 Expectation vs Reality

  3. 3 A slight change of color scheme

  4. 4 Expectation did not meet reality.


  5. 5 The greens are scaring me

  6. 6 My Halloween Costume was one giant Expectation vs. Reality

  7. 7 Halloween makeup

  8. 8 "Please eat me ASAP"

  9. 9 Should have paid more attention to the size chart

  10. 10 Who does it better?

  11. 11 Gotta survive with what we have

  12. 12 So my friend asked if he could try his tattoo skills

  13. 13 Can't find an organ to put this on

  14. 14 Gingerbread walking into professional life like

  15. 15 Not as creamy as pomised

  16. 16 The tricky witches

  17. 17 Always keep low expectations

  18. 18 I make a terrifying panda, but an excellent serial killer.

  19. 19 They do sleep like a boss

  20. 20 Almost got all the colors right

  21. 21 Appearance is just a hoax

  22. 22 My pine tree is skinnier than me

  23. 23 Dry fruits are a luxury I suppose

  24. 24 Not enough greenery

  25. 25 Went to my hairdresser with this pic today ... fml

  26. 26 That one trick question in every exam

  27. 27 O Sponge Bob, what have they done to you?

  28. 28 Not the panda I expected

  29. 29 I guess only bread will do

  30. 30 Can't jump into this ball pool

  31. 31 Someone sure went through some technical difficulties

  32. 32 The stuff of nightmares, I tell you.


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