30 Hilariously Embarrassing Christmas Fails


Christmas is supposed to be a time when families come together and celebrate the birth of Christ. However, it has now turned into a commercial fiesta promising discounts and all sorts of weird Christmas advertisements and products.

Occasionally you’ll see things on Christmas that’ll make you bang up your head on the wall. They’ll be stupid, senseless, and downright inappropriate. In this post, we’ll be showing you just that.


Listed up in this post are some of the worst Christmas fails ever!

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 It's Santa. You're not telling anyone.

  2. 2 Santa teaching kids a lesson this Christmas

  3. 3 There's a party going on

  4. 4 Not lying


  5. 5 I have a new favorite reindeer now

  6. 6 Why does mum get all the clothes?

  7. 7 A "merry hoohoo" to you too?!

  8. 8 Throwback to Sesame street

  9. 9 So this is where maple syrup comes from

  10. 10 That snowman ain't no Santa little one

  11. 11 Happy Halloween!

  12. 12 It's a panty fest

  13. 13 Who's the laziest person you've found this Christmas?

  14. 14 Prank well executed

  15. 15 Christmas zombie bears!

  16. 16 The only Christmas tree I can afford this year

  17. 17 Well that didn't turn out as expected

  18. 18 What comes to your mind?

  19. 19 What a fancy pile of poop

  20. 20 The connection is inappropriate

  21. 21 OMG my kids have been playing with these for hours

  22. 22 Am I in Red Light District?

  23. 23 The height of laziness

  24. 24 Santa shall guide you upstairs

  25. 25 When you reuse the Halloween decor for Christmas

  26. 26 When the decoration guy gets an extra tip

  27. 27 It's Lana guys

  28. 28 The difference a single misplaced alphabet can make

  29. 29 Not on the roof again Santa

  30. 30 Guess I can hold it till I get home

  31. 31 This shall keep the aura clean

  32. 32 That kitty's clever AF

  33. 33 Merry Christmas from the deadly duo

  34. 34 He's got supplies

  35. 35 Could have lived without a tail I guess

  36. 36 This 12 days of Christmas seek and find book for children

  37. 37 OH OH OH Merry Christmas Everyone!


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