26 Most Amusing Uses Of Duct Tape


Duct Tape is an essential household item. Its uses are endless, you can use it to tape different items together, and it gives new life to many broken items. Honestly a do-it- yourself kit is incomplete without this magical adhesive. Of course, apart from fixing things, Duct tape has many other uses as well.


In this post we have listed photos of people using the Duct tape to do hilarious things. I really couldn’t stop laughing at the 16th picture. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Prom Queen to be

  2. 2 Covering cracks 24/7

  3. 3 Taking "hanging out" too literally

  4. 4 Broken by vandals, fixed by duct tape!


  5. 5 Duct Tape, the solution for anything and everything

  6. 6 VR experience was never so good

  7. 7 Duct tape, the protector of manhoods!

  8. 8 My DIY portable phone holder

  9. 9 When life gives you duct tape, you make slippers

  10. 10 Our very own homemade mermaid

  11. 11 Fixing broken hearts like

  12. 12 Who needs a spare tyre when you have duct tape!

  13. 13 Bear grylls needs to see this

  14. 14 NOT baby's day out

  15. 15 Meet our party DJ for the night

  16. 16 As long as the job is done

  17. 17 Meet my new best buddy

  18. 18 Waterproofing level= 100%

  19. 19 Prison safety pants

  20. 20 Mom wanted extra cabinets in the fridge.

  21. 21 Waxing for men

  22. 22 The difference between "do not cross" and "don't you dare cross!!"

  23. 23 I am my own mechanic

  24. 24 This is called timely improvisation

  25. 25 Birdie poop here!

  26. 26 DIY duct tape bra


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