30 of the Most Funny Dog Shaming Photos of All Time


Dogs are way too cute to get any real punishment, so when they mess up their owners shame them by posting hilarious pictures of the dogs along with notes explaining what they did.

In all honestly, this doesn’t really bother the dogs much since they get away with their crimes. However, it helps their owners vent out their frustration on a public platform. It’s a win-win.


Listed in this post are hilarious dog shaming photos posted up online.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 But I was just missing you

  2. 2 But it's totally yummy

  3. 3 Eat lipstick and money. That's the life!

  4. 4 And then play fetch with the same ball


  5. 5 I'm not even sorry

  6. 6 All of us make mistakes, okay?

  7. 7 I had a mouthful if that information helps

  8. 8 He looks regretful

  9. 9 And those are not the silent ones

  10. 10 That's the punishment I don't deserve

  11. 11 It's like brownies for dogs

  12. 12 We went home

  13. 13 Self sustaining doggo

  14. 14 And now I am sad

  15. 15 Just a few seconds actually

  16. 16 Play Time Alarm!

  17. 17 I do what I want

  18. 18 He wasn't' eating it!!

  19. 19 You didn't get me what I wanted

  20. 20 And then look all sleepy like I do now

  21. 21 The bite surprise

  22. 22 It's kinda fun

  23. 23 The face says it all

  24. 24 Definitely can't go inside

  25. 25 For no reason at all

  26. 26 What interior designing?

  27. 27 Just a little bit

  28. 28 Not sorry even during the punishment

  29. 29 LGBT for the win

  30. 30 Has your poop ever sparkled?


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