Funny and Curious Photography By Arthur Mebius


Arthur Mebius is a Dutch photographer who sure knows how to tell a good story with a single photo. He describes his photographs as “moments still in time”.  Arthur’s photographs are mesmerizing because they’re always centered on a hidden or symbolical message.

His talent has bagged him awards from multiple platforms like Cannes, ADC Germany and ADC Switzerland. With over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, Arthur sure knows how to tell a good story.


Listed below are 33 interesting photographs by Arthur. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

You can learn more about his work on his website.

  1. 1 Teaching them how it's done

  2. 2 So you wanted your evening to be special eh?

  3. 3 You were STILL not sure?!

  4. 4 Not sure what to do with these


  5. 5 Robbing it Chaplin style

  6. 6 Some discoveries better not be made

  7. 7 So you're the one who isn't scared of cowboys?

  8. 8 Me after drinking beers the whole night

  9. 9 Before hydraulics came into existence

  10. 10 You need to go easy on the patients you know

  11. 11 Just a little trim on the top

  12. 12 I bet you've never seen the Royal Guards like this

  13. 13 Guess where's the enemy at

  14. 14 How did it even get in here?

  15. 15 Living the LGBT dream

  16. 16 Doing the drills

  17. 17 Somebody got to the prize first

  18. 18 What you lookin at Chico?

  19. 19 Time to start the real show fellas

  20. 20 Mommy look at these!!

  21. 21 All the ladies need to watch out for this hunk

  22. 22 So what can your hatchback fit?

  23. 23 So that's why my happy meal takes so long to arrive

  24. 24 ** Intense music playing **

  25. 25 When you read a sign that says "No Fishing"

  26. 26 Do you think you get rewarded for your efforts at your job?

  27. 27 Zero f***s given

  28. 28 You'll never see a happier butchery

  29. 29 Meeting mum after a month

  30. 30 Chillings must go on

  31. 31 Grandpa has been acting a little weird lately

  32. 32 This fruit swims

  33. 33 When a mechanic isn't satisfied with the bed setting


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