30 Most Amusing and Unique Valentines Day Card Ideas


Cheesy romance isn’t for everyone. 

Sure Valentine’s day is about the celebration of love but that doesn’t mean that it has to be all mushy and overly romantic. It can be weird and hilarious as well. 

Do you abhor cheesiness? Are you looking for creative ideas to wish your better half Valentine’s day without sounding over-the-top romantic? Voila! We have just what you need. 


Listed in this post are over 30 hilariously crazy Valentine’s day cards. You’ll find lots of awesome ideas in this post. 

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. See anything you like? Have a copy made for your partner!

  1. 1 Gotta let it out

  2. 2 Don't take it literally though

  3. 3 Showing some love Kardashian style

  4. 4 Just like Hermione did


  5. 5 We've all got horns to care about

  6. 6 Falling every day

  7. 7 Every day is Valentines day

  8. 8 Both have four legs though

  9. 9 That's my final check of a person

  10. 10 Finding someone equally weird as you is the hardest thing to do

  11. 11 I'm a mess but you make me sane

  12. 12 Please don't tell Pizza...

  13. 13 And the only one I've got

  14. 14 Winter solutions 101

  15. 15 It's not the body, it's the heart's connection

  16. 16 To the very last bit

  17. 17 A pain I'd gladly take

  18. 18 This is the most I can do for any human being

  19. 19 My favorite thing to do

  20. 20 Irritating time with you is indeed the best time

  21. 21 You're my meaty treat

  22. 22 Every single day

  23. 23 Fart games 101

  24. 24 That's where I belong

  25. 25 Comfort level = Being hairy around someone

  26. 26 Netflix and Chill?

  27. 27 Can't bear your looks without telling you how much I admire them

  28. 28 Drunk texting buddies for a reason

  29. 29 And the other way around

  30. 30 A bullet straight to the head


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