30+ Most Amusing Shadow Photography Taken at Perfect Time and Angle


Light and shadows go hand in hand. Most photographers only focus on light to take photos and they come up with some really awesome pictures. However they could do an even better job of taking creative photos if they used shadows in their photography as well.

Let us demonstrate what we mean by showing you some awesome shadow photography photos. Some of these photos focus on shadows as a separate entity; others combine shadows with people to come up with creative photographs. It is an interesting collection.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share these photos with the photographers in your list to help them find inspiration for shadow photography!

  1. 1 Man of the hour

  2. 2 Me and my best friend at the club

  3. 3 Carried away

  4. 4 Jeepers Creepers


  5. 5 Imaginary tennis

  6. 6 Jurassic Park is back

  7. 7 When you're single, even this turns you on

  8. 8 Who's a fan of the bush?

  9. 9 That took some effort

  10. 10 Shadow or not, style matters

  11. 11 Hang in there

  12. 12 During the pyrotechnics festival in Cannes, I caught this guy with this great light & shadow as he was performing with a couple of other dancers..

  13. 13 White snickers match those clothes

  14. 14 Partners in crime

  15. 15 A duck-face in its true meaning

  16. 16 When you decide to go out in summer sunshine

  17. 17 Sherlock is here

  18. 18 The perfect fit

  19. 19 Run for your lives

  20. 20 Asian shadows be like

  21. 21 Jazz performance going on

  22. 22 None of them is real

  23. 23 Straight through the heart of single people

  24. 24 The symphony of loneliness

  25. 25 My dog has the scariest shadow you'll ever see

  26. 26 The shadow from these shoes makes it look as though they're floating​ a bit

  27. 27 Spot the Godzilla

  28. 28 Art defines simplicity

  29. 29 Up and above

  30. 30 When you can't afford a dentist

  31. 31 Pick and drop services

  32. 32 My boyfriend and his dog’s shadows lined up and formed a Centaur in this picture.


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