This is What Happens When People With Sense of Humour Use Photoshop


People who know their way around Photoshop can seriously create almost anything they want.  And if they have a good sense of humor, things get seriously interesting. They’ll drive their friends and family nuts with hilarious photo manipulations.

In this post we have collected photos created by Photoshop experts with an amazing sense of humor. You will seriously laugh out loud at this collection, its awesome! Don’t miss the 13th picture, that is just hilarious.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Under

  2. 2 My uncle just learned how to use Photoshop and he keeps on editing his kids pictures

  3. 3 The new version of jaws

  4. 4 Need for speed


  5. 5 The sneaky cat ready attack with his paws

  6. 6 When you can't afford an expensive honey moon

  7. 7 Taking Kevin Hurt and Dwayne Johnson relationship to another level

  8. 8 A new way to hangout with friends

  9. 9 Making this photo more attractive

  10. 10 A sad carrot

  11. 11 When you take wrong proteins

  12. 12 Things to do after stepping down as a President. Photoshop.

  13. 13 I came in like a wrecking ball.....

  14. 14 My friend just started learning photoshop

  15. 15 Well I always wondered that whats behind the beak...

  16. 16 When the editor likes ostriches

  17. 17 Coffee to keep your engines powered all day long

  18. 18 It started out with a kiss and end up like this

  19. 19 The moment when you tickle someone's feet

  20. 20 After screaming "MOM" twenty times

  21. 21 When you dont have enough money to see real dolphins

  22. 22 Husky + Penguin = Huskin

  23. 23 Just why....?

  24. 24 Hey sir, this is your stop

  25. 25 When you speak too much

  26. 26 A wallpaper from parallel universe

  27. 27 Best face swap ever

  28. 28 Best solution for Justin problem

  29. 29 Best friends

  30. 30 I think it about to rain


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